& Storyteller

Here’s the thing…

Great communication can be a way to break barriers or an opportunity to build bridges, I choose the latter. I believe that linguistic services are essential for those who wish their ideas would travel the world.

I’m a creative, multilingual and nerdy translator whose mission is to translate, localize and create content for innovative businesses looking to share their ideas with the world.

Content is the entire user experience

– Kristina Halvorson, CEO Brain Traffic

What I can help you with:

Translation & Localization

It’s not about breaking the language barrier, but about building bridges between cultures. I can help you bring your content to a whole new market by translating & localizing your core values from English to Spanish and vice versa.


The most creative minds can also struggle to deliver conveying content that truly engages with their target audience. I can help you craft a message that is unique and in tune with your brand in order to achieve your communication goals.

Editing & Proofreading

Even the best content might be challenged by delivering a clear and appealing message. I can help you edit and/or proofread your texts, documents, website, etc. to make sure your content hits the target.

Content consulting

Maybe your content strategy has already been drafted or it has fallen behind so, making sure that you are on the right track is a clever decision. I´ll help you through the process of figuring out where is your content is slacking and how to regain your audience’s trust and interest.

Ready to work on your content?